INTERNATIONAL FUEL INJECTION EXPORTS is a quality driven organization where the meaning of quality stretches beyond an excellent product. It actually encompasses an overall quality culture, an attitude towards work, and highest standards in human resource development.

The company is ISO-9001-2008 certified and adheres to international norms of trade and manufacturing practices.

To achieve its predetermined standards of excellence, INTERNATIONAL FUEL INJECTION EXPORTS draws heavily from its pool of talented manpower and a matching sophistication in technology. A multi level quality control system employs hi-end technology.


Qualification & Glories

INTERNATIONAL FUEL INJECTION EXPORTS touch the human content of a corporate entry. It reaches out to feel the comfort levels of all humans involved in the business activities created directly or indirectly.

INTERNATIONAL FUEL INJECTION EXPORTS is poised to enhance its reach in the domestic market and strength its global ambitions. Filtration Zone will make persistent efforts. Stand tall among the equals across the world.